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At ZeroClock, we specialize in securing the critical infrastructure of Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS) and Operational Technology (OT). 

Our tailored cybersecurity solutions are designed to protect the essential systems that power a wide range of sectors, including but not limited to manufacturing, energy, utilities, pharmaceuticals, transportation, oil and gas, and telecommunications. 

With a focus on resilience and reliability, ZeroClock ensures that your operations across various industries are safeguarded against cyber threats, preventing disruptions and protecting both data and human lives. 

Partner with ZeroClock to fortify your IACS and OT against evolving cybersecurity challenges, ensuring continuity and safety no matter your industry.

Our Services

Asset Management

Asset Identification and Documentation: Achieve full visibility of all assets in your OT/IACS environment. Maintain a detailed inventory including hardware, software, and network resources to ensure comprehensive coverage of security policies.

Lifecycle Management: Implement procedures for the entire lifecycle of each OT/IACS asset, from acquisition through disposal. Ensure security by design and by default, maintaining integrity and compliance throughout the asset's lifespan.

Risk Management

Proactive Risk Assessment: Systematically identify and evaluate risks within OT/IACS environments, providing a foundation for informed decision-making. Tailor cybersecurity strategies to mitigate identified risks effectively, enhancing resilience against evolving threats.

Continuous Monitoring: Keep a vigilant eye on OT/IACS system activities with 24/7 real-time monitoring solutions. Detect anomalies and potential security incidents early to ensure rapid response and minimal impact.

Security Management and Governance

Policy and Compliance Management: Establish and maintain an OT/IACS governance framework supported by comprehensive security policies and procedures that comply with specific international standards and best practices.

Training and Awareness: Foster a security-conscious culture through ongoing OT/IACS cybersecurity training programs. Equip your workforce with the knowledge and skills to recognize and mitigate security threats effectively.

Incident Detection and Response

Incident Detection: Implement advanced detection technologies to identify potential OT/ICS cybersecurity threats in real time. Utilize sophisticated monitoring tools that alert you to unusual activities, enabling proactive management of security threats.

Incident Response: Equip your organization with a well-structured OT/ICS incident response plan that ensures rapid containment, eradication, and recovery. Minimize downtime and operational impact, and maintain resilience against cyber threats.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Assessment: Keep your industrial systems secure with ongoing vulnerability assessments. Identify OT/IACS weaknesses before they become breaches, ensuring robust defenses against potential threats.

Vulnerability Remediation: Quickly address identified OT/IACS vulnerabilities with effective remediation strategies. Apply patches and configuration updates to fortify your systems, maintaining continuous operational security and compliance.

Security Assurance

Testing and Validation: Employ rigorous testing methods to validate the security features and capabilities of OT/IACS components. Use penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, and security audits to ensure robust defense mechanisms.

Certification and Accreditation: Achieve compliance and demonstrate your commitment to cybersecurity by pursuing specific OT/IACS internationally recognized certification. Enhance trust among stakeholders and customers by meeting internationally recognized security standards.

Benefits of Our Services

  • Enhanced Operational Resilience: Strengthen your industrial systems against cyber threats with robust security measures that ensure continuous operation and minimize downtime.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Meet international cybersecurity standards and regulatory requirements, reducing legal risks and building trust with clients, partners, and regulatory bodies.

  • Risk Reduction: Proactively manage and mitigate risks with a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity, protecting your assets from disruptions and financial losses due to cyber incidents.

  • Improved Security Posture: Utilize state-of-the-art security technologies and practices to detect, respond to, and recover from security incidents more effectively, enhancing your overall security posture.

  • Competitive Advantage: Gain a competitive edge in your industry by demonstrating a commitment to cybersecurity excellence, attracting new business opportunities, and increasing customer confidence in your services.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Unmatched Expertise: Our team’s deep expertise in industrial cybersecurity and  specific international standards and best practices ensures superior protection for your critical systems.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: From risk assessment to incident recovery, our end-to-end cybersecurity solutions safeguard every aspect of your operations.

  • Customized Strategies: We tailor cybersecurity strategies specifically to fit your operational needs and risk profile, enhancing system resilience.

  • Proactive Threat Management: We excel in preventing threats with advanced monitoring technologies that keep your systems safe and operational.

  • Compliance and Excellence: We exceed specific international standards compliance, elevating your cybersecurity to new heights and ensuring industry-leading protection.

  • Leading-Edge Innovation: We leverage the latest innovations in cybersecurity to deliver cutting-edge solutions that not only respond to but anticipate security challenges, keeping you one step ahead of threats.

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