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Welcome to Zeroclock. Merging Italian precision with UAE vision, we represent the pinnacle of IT project success. Spanning from Italy to the UAE and across the globe, our team, together with our esteemed global partners, guarantees optimal IT outcomes. Lean on our expertise and vast network to consistently exceed your IT aspirations. With Zeroclock, every IT endeavor becomes a benchmark of excellence.

Featured Services

Get in touch with us and explore our handpicked selection of specialized services designed to elevate your business. These offerings represent the pinnacle of our expertise and the cornerstone of your future success. Discover how we can make a difference for you today.

IT Management Consulting

Empowering C-level leaders to conquer the dynamic IT landscape. With a legacy of precision, we oversee meticulous projects that align with industry standards, craft elite technical proposals, anchor robust financial avenues, and champion the ethical use of AI. Your vision, our expertise, a partnership destined for global impact. Our services includes:

  • Complex Project Management: Oversee intricate IT projects with a focus on precision, execution, quality, and compliance with industry standards.
  • IT Bid Response: Develop competitive technical proposals tailored specifically for IT projects (more).
  • IT Project Funding: Secure financial backing and solutions for IT projects and ventures (more).
  • AI Ethics Governance: Ensure ethical deployment and utilization of artificial intelligence (more).

Managed Services

With years of expertise under our belt, we proudly ensure that your ICT systems remain threat-free, your applications run smoothly, and both your on-premise and cloud infrastructures are optimally managed – all day, every day. Your peace of mind is our priority. Our services includes:

  • 24/7 Cybersecurity Monitoring (SOC): Monitor round-the-clock ICT systems for security threats (more).
  • 24/7 IT Application Support: Support round-the-clock for IT application needs both on-premise and in the cloud.
  • 24/7 IT Infrastructure Management: Manage round-the-clock both on-premise and in the cloud IT infrastructures (more).


In the ever-evolving realm of cybersecurity, our seasoned team stands as a bulwark against threats. Drawing on years of expertise, we delve deep into your digital ecosystem, ensuring each component—be it infrastructure, software, or embedded systems—is rigorously fortified. We prioritize keeping your assets updated, shielded, and resilient against the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats. Your digital safety is our foremost commitment. Our services includes:

  • Vulnerability Assessment: Conduct a comprehensive analysis of vulnerabilities across platforms, including Infrastructure, Web Applications, Mobile, APIs, and ICS/SCADA (more).
  • Secure Code Review: Examine software code for potential security breaches.
  • Software Composition Analysis: Systematically identify components, monitor for vulnerabilities, ensure license compliance, and track integrations for updates and security patches.
  • Firmware Analysis: Examine embedded software components, monitor for vulnerabilities, validate code integrity, and track updates for enhanced security and performance.

Security Engineering

When it comes to digital safety, it’s not just about giving tips and advice. It’s about diving in and making things happen. And that’s exactly what we do best. We jump into the heart of your systems, setting up solid walls and gates to control who gets in. We also keep a close eye on those special accounts that need an extra layer of watchfulness. And it doesn’t stop there. We’re always tuning, adjusting, and beefing up your systems to ensure they’re as safe as they can be. Think of us as the guardians of your digital playground. We don’t just talk about security; we roll up our sleeves and get to work, ensuring you’re protected every step of the way. Our services includes:

  • Identity & Access Management: Implement solutions to regulate user access to ICT resources (more).
  • Privileged Assess Management: Implement solutions to oversee privileged ICT accounts (more).
  • Secure Design Review: Evaluate and strengthen ICT systems architectures with advanced methods.

Artificial Intelligence

With deep expertise in artificial intelligence, we emphasize ethical deployment while crafting tailored solutions. Harnessing the power of data, we enable businesses to predict trends, understand human language, and integrate AI seamlessly. Our commitment ensures you stay ahead in the modern tech landscape. Our services (more) includes:

  • Enterprise AI Integration & Engineering: Seamlessly infusing AI into core business tools.
  • AI Research, Development & Ethics Governance: Ensuring ethical AI deployment while crafting tailored innovations for business needs.
  • Machine, Deep Learning & Data Science: Utilizing data to predict trends and make informed decisions.
  • Natural Language Processing & Interaction: Enabling machines to understand and respond to human language.
  • Advanced Analytics & Predictive Insights: Providing strategic foresight through data-driven insights.
  • Process Automation & Application Enhancement: Using AI to optimize workflows and boost application performance.

Energy&Utility Industry

With over two decades of international prowess in the Energy & Utility sector, our legacy intertwines with cutting-edge innovation. This blend of experience and forward-thinking has positioned us as industry transformers. When you collaborate with us, you’re not just tapping into years of expertise, but also stepping into a future marked by efficiency, foresight, and global leadership in energy solutions. Our services includes:

  • Industry Solutions: Implement advanced IT services to enhance operations and user experiences from energy production to delivery.
  • Business & Technical Processes Re-engineering: Optimizing and modernizing business and technical workflows for peak efficiency. 
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI): Implement solutions for managing smart meters and meter data (more).
  • Customer Information Systems (CIS): Implement solutions for managing customer data.
  • Water Leakage Detection: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones based solutions to detect and pinpoint underground water leaks.
  • Pipe Inventory: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones based solutions to inventory underground pipes.

Elevate Your Business! Partner with Zeroclock Now!

From bridging skill gaps and boosting efficiency to ensuring global  competitiveness, we offer tailored IT solutions that align perfectly with your business goals. Experience unmatched quality, secure systems, and seamless digital transformations with our globally present, locally engaged team. Don’t settle for less—choose Zeroclock for technology that works for you, not the other way around.

Why Partner With Us

Partner with us to easily delegate implementations and operations, helping you handle skill shortages, save money, and speed up your time to market. You’ll enjoy top-notch solutions, improved efficiency, and significant growth, all while your main team focuses on key tasks.

Unmatched Quality

We're dedicated to excellence. Adhering to stringent European and global standards, we provide round-the-clock high-quality and reliable solutions and services. Our combination of technology, insights, and thorough evaluations ensures unparalleled quality. This emphasis fosters trust and client satisfaction, establishing us as a reliable partner in success.

Bridging Skill Gaps and Boosting Efficiency

With our extensive global network of seasoned senior consultants and skilled engineers well-versed in various technologies, we provide clients the tools to address skill shortages, enable fast mobilization and demobilization, minimize extra labor costs, enhance time-to-market for services and solutions, and increase work hours.

Global Insights, Local Engagement

Our team maintains a worldwide and local presence to deeply comprehend local markets. This equilibrium ensures effective engagement, resulting in optimal solutions and services. We provide current solutions that encompass global trends and local intricacies. Our mission is to empower your success by utilizing our interconnected global-local ecosystem, fostering growth and innovation.

Pathways to Financial Optimization

Our top-tier IT solutions and services guarantee clients unparalleled financial benefits, including savings through efficient strategies, recruiting cost reduction, mitigation of unexpected resignations, lowered labor expenses, and transparent pricing for precise budgeting. We empower clients to allocate resources to core functions and strategic growth.

Security, Compliance, Collaboration

Information security, global and local compliance, and client collaboration are our priorities. We implement robust cybersecurity measures, undergo regular audits, and align with frameworks like GDPR and ISO. We engage in fair, consultative partnerships with clients. Our solutions are designed to be secure at every stage, from concept to deployment.

Seamless Digital Transformation

Using efficient methods and expert insights, we offer a complete digital transformation experience. Our quick project delivery and guidance enhance business agility. We provide key consultations for innovation, ensure operational efficiency, and offer 24/7 customized IT solutions. From planning to support, we're your all-in-one partner.

Global Teamwork, Local Success

We work well with teams from different time zones and cultures. Our diverse team brings new ideas, making it easy to work with clients worldwide. We're good at working smoothly with your in-house team to get things done effectively. This teamwork helps us succeed together, no matter where we are.

Eco-Friendly IT for a Better Tomorrow

We're working fora greener future by using remote services. This makes work more efficient and helps the environment.It also shows that your business cares about being eco-friendly. Together, we're making technology good for both your business and the planet.

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