meter dialsSmart metering offers utilities vast amounts of new data. With it, you can improve operations and offer new customer programs, but to maximize the benefits, you must transform raw data into usable information. As a result, the solution can enable the fundamental utility goals of improved operational efficiency, network reliability, asset optimization, lower costs, customer satisfaction, regulatory compliance, and continued business expansion opportunities.

zMDM gathers and processes all types of data from any type, variety, or brand of device. The application loads, validates, stores, and formats the data in ways that facilitate business processes across multiple internal and external systems. zMDM includes standard functionality for aggregations, event subscriptions,usage subscriptions, bill determinants (supporting the push and pull methods), and smart meter transition processes. OracleMDMDzMDM is based on Oracle Utilities MDM and includes out-of-the-box functionality to automatically analyze usage and event data and issue Service Investigative Orders based on exceptions, events, commands, missing readings and meter reader remarks. This focused attention supports revenue protection and meter diagnostic processes. In addition, zMDM application includes a 360 degree user interface. This analytical tool allows users to graphically view usage and overlay related activities such as: weather data, average usage profiles, like premise usage, AMI events, VEE exceptions, installation and removal activities, outage periods, meter reader remarks, and service orders.


Performance is essential in handling the extreme data volumes generated by smart devices. zDM application has been built to support these enormous volumes. In a recent benchmark test, it’s been shown the unprecedented ability to process more than one billion records.

Robust Technology Foundation
zMDM is built upon a flexible architecture that allows customers to define custom objects, data entities, user interfaces, business rules, and processes. zMDM product and framework utilize Oracle technologies like Java and the Oracle database to provide a robust and open platform.

Meter Solution
Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management is a component of Oracle’s comprehensive Meter Solution, which includes rich functionality designed and built to support utilities of all sizes including some of the largest utilities in the world. It provides a wide array of complementary products to meet customers’ requirements today and tomorrow including:

  • Smart Device Integration. Oracle Utilities Smart Grid Gateway includes productized smart meter adapters for the most widely used head-end systems (Sensus, Landis+Gyr, Echelon, Silver Springs, Itron OpenWay and Itron MV-90) and an adapter development kit for custom adapters.
  • CIS Integration. Oracle also offers Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management productized integration to Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing and SAP Customer Relationship and Billing.
  • In House Analytics. Pre-packaged integration links Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management with Business Intelligence to perform analytics. This includes operational and management dashboards to assist with day-to-day operations and management tasks.
  • SaaS Analytics. For those utilities seeking a cloud-based solution with a short lead time from integration to deployment, Oracle Utilities Analytics Cloud Service provides advanced intelligence about meter operations, revenue protection, and energy efficiency.
  • Customer Self-Service. Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management can be linked to the Oracle Utilities Customer Self-Service platform for customer inquiry, consumption analytics, bill viewing/payment, and customer payments.
  • Device Management. Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management is integrated to Oracle Utilities Operational Device Management to provide comprehensive asset management of smart grid devices. This includes change and configuration management as well as strict inventory management of secured devices.
  • Infrastructure Management. Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management’s integration to Oracle Enterprise Manager provides a comprehensive IT system management tool.
  • Training Modules. Prepackaged content for end-user training delivered through an extensible best-in-class training and productivity platform is also available. There are several training modules offered: Administrative Setup, User Tasks, VEE and Usage Rules, and Working with Measurement Data.