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We developed and provide end-to-end IoT AMR solution (pre-paid and post-paid) for power, water and gas based on LoRa and Oracle Utilities technology. The solution is available on-premises or on-cloud and includes the following components (if the Client already have some components can be adapted):

  • Meters (power, water, gas) of high-quality brands (like Iskraemeko, Maddalena, etc.).
  • Water Smart Valves (for pre-paid and/or flow control).
  • LoRa communication modules (like native, RS232/RS485, etc.).
  • LoRa gateways (like Kerlink, Multitek, etc.).
  • LoRa network server.
  • Meter Data Management (Oracle Utilities MDM).
  • Customer Care & Billing (Oracle Utilities CC&B).
  • Utilities Analytics (Oracle Utilities Analytics).

The IoR AMR solution is particularly suitable for:

  • Replacing the Manual Meter Reading in countries where the monthly bills amounts don’t allow a fast ROI (Return Of Investment).
  • Countries or contexts where the telecommunication services (e.g. GPRS) are not well developed or too expensive.
  • Countries or contexts with low population density (e.g. rural areas).
  • Sub-metering.
  • Contexts where is required a standard infrastructure that can be used also for other applications as Losses Detection or Predictive Maintenance.

The IoT AMR solution considerably reduces the Utilities’ TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) in terms of:

  • Implementation and operations complexity.
  • Telecommunication costs (LoRa is free and no need telecommunication operator).
  • Investments on meters (any meter with standard interfaces – pulse, RS232/485, etc. – can be used).
  • Switch contacts from/to pre-paid and post-paid (done just by software and for water just need a smart valve).

If you are interested to discover more this solution please get in contact with us and we’ll provide you with all the information and we can arrange a demo or a PoC (Proof Of Concept).